Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Fun with Escape Rooms

   Looking for a fun activity as a review in an English class?

   After reading a book, a play, or simply covering an important assignment it is necessary to review materials with students. Unfortunately many reviews can be long, boring, and lack student engagement. When I learn about escape rooms in which people need to solve different interlinking puzzles to 'escape' I hit review goldmine. Students were both engaged and learning as they worked in groups to solve the puzzles. This is a basic overview of how I set up my Shakespeare escape rooms. There are four tasks: plot, characters, close reading, and encrypted message.

    Task #1 Plot

For the first task students are given twelve plot cards with numbers on them. Only seven of the cards contain parts of the plot of the play. The other five are trick cards which have scenes written on them which never actually happened in the play. Students need to find which seven cards have scenes that actually occurred on the play in them and cast aside the other five. Then they need to place the cards in the correct order as to how they appeared in the play. The numbers go on the answer sheet, if you have a lock you may set up the numbers to be the combination to a locked box which contains the next task. This is optional.

Task #2 Characters

For the second task students are given ten character cards. Each card has a quote, or something that describes a character in the play. Students need to know the names of all ten characters and fill them into the corresponding boxes on the answer sheet. The shaded parts on the answer sheet will reveal a code word once all ten characters are named.

Task #3 Close Reading

For the third task students are given an excerpt from the play and asked eight multiple choice questions about the passage. Answering all eight questions correct will reveal a code word for the fourth and final task.

Task #4 Encrypted Message

For the fourth task students are given an encrypted message and need to use their resources from the other three tasks to solve the encrypted message. On the plot cards show symbols and what they mean. The character cards have two of them which if the students lined them up correctly show what the character's name is if it was encrypted. Task 2 and Task 3 also contained two code words in order to help students to solve.

How to use it?

A great review for a test to access knowledge. A good way to get students to work together and be engaged in an activity. Easy to check for comprehension.

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