Scaffolding Novel Studies

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

 Many educators make the mistake of just jumping right into a novel or play without giving students and background information or just having one big project at the end of reading a new novel or play. This can be frustating for many students who may struggle during the duration of reading a text.

Introducing A Text 

Before reading a new text it's important for students to get some background information be it historical context, cultural context, or information on the author. Many books are hard for students to comprehend certain events inside the text without any background knowledge. In the case of science fiction or horror information on the genre may also be helpful.

Guided Reading

Don't leave your students hanging! Check for comprehension while students read each chapter. Go over vocabulary words or better yet-- have students find vocabulary words and define them. Study guides and graphic organizers are excellent tools for students to use to demonstrate their understanding of the text.

Assessment/ Projects

Novel projects are fun! Students can make a movie trailer, a board game, a pop-up book, and a lot of other activities that can not only prove mastery of the content but allow their creativity to shine through. 

Need More Help with Scaffolding Text? 

We got you covered! Try our Novel Units ... Don't see what you need? Let us now what novels and plays you would like to see covered. 

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