I still remember the first time I stepped into the classroom as a teacher. I had spent my high school years working at a summer camp with different age groups of kids. In college I majored in English composition, worked full time, and I had a child of my own at home. After graduating I worked as an editor for a small press and I substitute taught for a while. When the time came to step into the classroom I was confident I was prepared. I was wrong. There are many aspects to being an English teacher which aren't taught in colleges or in books. Many different parts of the job which aren't always taken into account.

I started talking to colleagues, looking up information online, and attending even more classes to improve at my profession. I was determined to be the best instructor I could for my students. Despite lack of materials, overcrowded classrooms, and working long hours I still found a way to enjoy my job. I learned different ways to become more effective and to manage stress for both myself and my students. My students excelled, many went off to colleges of their choice, and I excelled as well becoming teacher of the year in 2016, receiving many positive evaluations, and finding more time to spend with my own children at home.

Still, I will never forget the stress and heartache I endured that first year. Every year I see new teachers come into the field with big dreams and high hopes. Many have a wonderful energy which as the school year goes on seems to fade and dull. The stress placed upon instructors by students, parents, and administration is one that only a fellow teacher could ever know. With that said I have created this blog to share some of the methods I've used in my class which has made life much easier for myself as a teacher. Remember a stressed out teacher means stressed out students. People don't choose this field it chooses them. Feel free to use any methods discussed here in your classrooms if you find them helpful.